• Atrovate is an AI prototyping studio.

      We build machine learning and computer vision prototypes

      for growth stage startups and enterprise organizations.


      Atrovates rapid prototyping for AI offering is a 3-week sprint where our team works in partnership with you to prove the technical feasibility of solving a specific problem using AI.


      Prototype an AI solution, test feasibility.


      Our team of engineers and scientists work with you on a specific dataset over a 5-day sprint to uncover the constraints and possibilities of your data asset and report on the multiple ways AI can help.


      Unbundle a data problem, experiment with AI.


      A practical learning experience to understand artificial intelligence for your business. This non-technical workshop gets you hands-on building conceptual AI solutions, learn by doing in just a couple of hours. A first step to initiating change.


      Explore AI fundamentals, identify use cases.



      "a fantastic session that helped us understand AI for our business. We arrived with little or no clear understanding of what AI is, by the end of the day we walked away with 38 specific use cases which made it real for us. What started as an employee training workshop has now moved to the board"

      Editor at Kommunal Rapport


      We're passionate about connecting local AI communities.