• Our Work

      Project work with growth stage and enterprise businesses

    • Detecting Rare Disease

      A prototype to detect pathogenic mutations and diagnose patients with rare Mendelian diseases.



      A google venture's backed healthcare company

    • Predicting Customer Needs

      A prototype to predict customer needs, increasing customer engagements and improving the user experience.



      A wealth management team in an Irish bank

    • Preventing Fraud

      A system to improve workflow productivity of IT security technicians when managing large amounts of email spam filtering.


      Partner: an IT security team inside a telco company

      Extracting Knowledge

      Understanding legal documentation to extract knowledge and characteristics of European investment funds.


      Partner: a consulting firm in the Fund industry

      Parking Cars

      Improving traffic flow optimization in city's by identifying free car parking spaces in city centre car parks. A computer vision application.


      Partner: an internal project

      Detecting Rust

      Improving the health and safety of mast inspectors when risk assessing telecom masts. A computer vision application for UAV's (drones).


      Partner: an internal project